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Connections - Lecture
The LUNA Series -
Workshops and Events


Each and every one of us has an innate connection with the natural world; our mental and physical well being is directly linked to the overall health of our natural environment. With more and more of us heading off to wild spaces to find our own sense of self, what effects will that have on our environment? Can our natural world present all the answers to us without affecting the natural balance? You'll be surprised just how easy it can be to tread softly and form a stronger connection within your natural environment.

How do I Register?
Call our office Toll Free (866) 415-LUNA(5862) or click on the REGISTER NOW link below to contact our office.  We will send you full package information and a copy of our planning manual



The LUNA Series


The LUNA Series is a collection of programs and lectures that we have designed to help develop skills, awareness, and relaxation within the natural world. Our uniquely designed property, provides the perfect backdrop for all programs.

Our lecture series has also been developed to bring an inspiring slideshow and discussion right to your own personal venue.

Click on package link below for additional information, rates, and registration.