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Written by David Masters   
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 01:15

What brings you happiness?  Is it that perfect vacation on a beach? The first time behind the wheel of your new car?  Seeing a smile on your child's face Christmas morning? Or is it climbing into bed wrapped in freshly washed sheets?  There are so many simple things in this world that can bring joy and happiness to our lives, it's almost impossible to pick one single thing.

I've always thought that working to become 100% self sufficient, while continually improving the land around me would bring me the ultimate in happiness. However lately, after completing a host of comfort renovations to my home, I've been feeling that having someone in my life to share it all with and a family of my own would be the greatest happiness.  Watching my friends with their families, and the simple joys they share together causes me to wonder what I'm missing...have I chosen the right path?

In writing this and thinking, I belive that true happiness must come from deep within you. No other one person or thing can bring you that pure happiness.  You have to nurture the seed deep within your heart and soul.  In the path of life, each and every day should be filled with happiness; the journey itself, your accomplishments and your actions should all reflect your inner happiness.

For now, this journey has awarded me immeasurable amounts of joy and happines, but, it has also been intermingled with pain, sorrow and struggle.  I don't know what the future will hold.  There's always a great balance in life, and I suppose the most important thing is to enjoy your own personal journey.  Whether its on road paved with gold, or a road filled with potholes, it's still a road with beautiful sites along the way.  So enjoy the drive while you can, before someone hands you some adult diapers and a walker and says you're no longer allowed to drive!!


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