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The little things PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Masters   
Sunday, 09 December 2012 17:57

Sitting here this morning, i reach back from my kitchen stool to grab the water jug from the counter.  Moving over to the sink, I turn the tap and out flows the clear cool life giving liquid that has eluded my taps for 8 years now. See, I've always had a problem pumping and storing water here at the yurt, especially during the winter months.  Most of us don't think twice when we turn on the tap to wash our hands, fill the kettle or flush our waste down the toilet.  For me...that would be a luxury to have here at LUNA, and now with much hard work and planning...the water is now flowing.

Recently I've been renovating my yurt, building walls, closets, a loft, larger bathroom, all to improve the comfort of my once simple abode.  This past week, I insulated a 1000 litre water catchment tank under the yurt, placed a 35 gallon water tank in the new loft, installed a bathroom sink, kitchen sink, now today...a claw foot bathtub.  The trick was, how to move the water from the catchment tank, to the inside gravity tank?  Not being a plumber and not wanting to use my precious solar energy to run water pumps, I purchased a Guzzler hand pump to manually pump water from point A to point B.  From the loft, gravetiy now takes care of the rest.  A small Sureflo pump from the gravity tank pumps and pressurizes water to hot water heater for the tub only.  Simplicity at its best.  I still don't have hot water in my sinks...but who needs it.  Throw a pot of water on the woodstove, and voila, hot water.  

All I care now, is that this is the first time in 8 years I've been able to brush my teeth and wash my hands at a bathroom sink in the yurt.  Sure, I may have had it sooner if I paid someone to figure it out for me.  But building everything here at LUNA slowly, deliberatly, has been the most rewarding thing I think I've ever done.


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# Stephen Garstin 2012-12-09 23:58 Hi David,
Can you give more details on how you insulated your 1000 litre tank? Was it a standard IBC container?
We are planning on using one for our yurts too, but have thought it may be too difficult to insulate it enough to prevent freezing…

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