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If you go out in the woods today... PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Masters   
Monday, 23 July 2012 23:22'll be in for a big surprise. Well I sure was anyway when I went for a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll through the forests at LUNA. Upon entering the Hawthorn grove, we noticed small Haw Berries on the forest floor. Taking a closer look, I also notice some of leaves starting to turn and fall from the trees. Thinking that maybe I had my days all messed up, I walked into the old forest to see Walnuts, Beech, Hickory, and Cherries falling from the trees. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is mid July...not late September right?

As you walk through the forest, things may seem all peaceful and serene, but please don't just look at the surface, the real drama is unfolding under our feet. We've had very little precipitation this spring and summer, which is following a winter with very little snow. Life dances along a very delicate line where we all need the right balance for survival. The trees right now, in my understanding, are severely stressed. They've been putting a great deal of energy into seed production. As the trees put their energy into seed creation, they weaken themselves a little buy diverting precious resources into seed growth. So this act of shedding your seeds before their ready, is a last ditch effort of their own survival. Using what energy they have left to sustain their growth and longevity. Yes, I understand it's a delicate balance and nature works through her own cycles, but it's still hard to watch.

As true as it may be that a forest environment will help ease your stress, we still need to have compassion for all those who live in the forest and rely on maintaining that fragile balance.


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