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The LUNA Project is a living experiment in sustainable living.  Examples of solar and wind energy, water conservation, organic farming, and natural habitat restoration.  All awaiting your discovery.  Learning Unique Natural Alternatives is what we're all about, promoting self sufficiency, confidence, and respect for our natural world. Our site is a true testament to our vision. With 90% of our infrastructure being portable yurts powered by renewable resources, and a strong "buy local" philosophy; LUNA has a very small footprint on its surrounding environment, truly practicing what we teach. 



Environmental Practices

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At LUNA, we strongly consider and evaluate the health of our land and forest inhabitants before the design or implementation of our programs. If the property is showing signs of overuse or stress, we will close for a short period to allow the land to recover. All aspects of soil, water, plant and animal life are considered in this decision.

Over the years, through educated choice, we've managed to lower our Ecological Footprint to 1.5; don't know what this means, try our Eco-Footprint Calculator to see how you compare.

Check out the link below to learn more ways in which we're helping to protect our legacy and ensure it's health for generations to come.

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The Yurt Blog

Over the years of living off the grid, David has shared some of his journals here on his blog,


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